167 - 6th July 2006 - Kauri Museum, Piha

This stand of trees made a hell of a lot of noise when the birds inside woke up

The lake by the camp site

Tractor next door

Nice scenery to wake up to

The Shower block

At the Kauri Museum - Buzz saw in operation

Impressive carving

Moody Mannequins

Band Saw demonstration

Caterpillar used for dragging huge trees

Some of the old equipment

Which included a lot of things built in the UK

The recration saw mill

This display was cut from one Kauri tree

Kauri Karving

View from the Mezzanine

This tree was cut down by the chainsaw attached to the front

and was marked with various historical moments on its rings

This shows how trees were shaped to stack well on ships for transport

Recreation of a dam used to send logs downstream large distances at one time

A room featuring lots of Kauri furniture

and another - also includes Willow pattern china

Lizard trapped inside some Kauri Gum - Otherwise known as Amber

Kauri Gum

Carved Gum Ship

Gum Gifts

Gum Decoration

Inside the old school house

School desks

The outside of the school

Inside the old postmasters office

Phones on the wall

Inside the Postmasters house

Ancient telephones

The telephone exchange

Piha - Lions Rock in the middle

North Piha Beach

Looking South along Piha