173 - 12th July 2006 - Coromandel to Hot Water Beach

Driving Creek Railway

This entire railway was built by one guy - Barry Brickell

He originally built it as a way to bring clay down from the hill to his pottery shed

Here's some firewood for the kilns

He got a bit carried away. Over 20 years later it is a major tourist attraction.

He has left it in his will to the people of New Zealand

This is a unique double viaduct. The train rounds the corner and comes back over the top.

Under the viaduct

Lots of native trees have been planted here

Barry used to drink a bottle of wine whilst working. He made walls from the bottles.

The viaduct

Up the track

Our driver - keeping us informed with a good commentary

Art in the wall

Tunnel. Yaaaaaaaaay!

Nice views from near the top.

Tunnel. Yaaaaaaaay!

A change of direction

Do not stick arms and heads out of train!!!

View from above

View of the bay

Pond at the top


Heading back down the hill

The Eyefull tower

Kauri tree

There were two trains in operation.

Back past the wall of wine bottles.

Across the viaduct

Sculptures amongst the trees

Nearly there

Our train - Snake no 3

You have to read fast at junctions in Coromandel!

Waiau Falls

Chris at Waiau falls

Small stream

Up stream

Looking down on the falls

Kauri tree in the grove. Big isn't it!

Kauri Grove


Kauri Grove. Hundreds of years old

The siamese kauri tree

Siamese tree

The Kauri Grove

The beach at Hahei

Hahei beach

Hahei Beach

Sun setting

Moon rising