176 - 15th July 2006 - Rotorua, Wai O Tapu, Skyrides

Lady Knox Geyser, we get there just after he has finished telling everyone about it, but she's not erupted, so we're ok

here she goes!

big eruption!

close up

in fine flow

Chris looking a bit nervous

campervan with a cool paint job from escape.co.nz

The Weather Pool, Wai-O-Tapu

Devil's Home. A collapsed crater where underground acid has caused the ground to colapse

colourful rock

Rainbow Crater

close up of the oily slick on top of the boiling water at the base

Devil's Ink Pots

Artist's Palette with Champagne Pool in the background

Opal Pool

The Primrose Terrace. Sinter terraces

Artist's Palette from the Boardwalk

Chris doesn't appear to have noticed his smoking backpack, I think the sulphur smell may be effecting him

Jean Batten Geyser on the terrace

Bridal Veil Falls

Frying Pan Flat

Oyster Pool

Suplhur Cave

Lake Ngakoro from the pathway

Lake Ngakoro

View from the pathway of the various features

Sulphur Mounds

Close up of the terraces

THe edge of the Champagne Pool

Devil's Bath

Inside the campervan, from the front, drivers seat, shower / toilet cubicle, sink, microwave, storage, table, seating

on the otherside, passenger seat, storage, grill and 2 hobs, fridge, storage, seating

The Mud Pools


very cool

to see

and hear

some exploded loads

others just bubbled

and then exploded

there were loads of them

Pip by the pools (it had just been raining a little)

they were loads of fun

going off everywhere

you didn't know where to look

this was an especially good one, as it was just hidden by the water

there were also some more sedate bubbling ones

who made funny shapes

whilst they erupted

and then relaxed

Chris by the mud pools

The Gondola at Skyline Skyrides

waiting in line for a luge

the luge's await

viewpoint halfway down the scenic family track

Chris in his luge

having great fun

off he goes around the corner


back up to the top on the chairlift, with the luge underneath

you get a great view of the tracks from the lift

Pip in the Gondola with Rotorua in the background


Lake Rotorua

The luge tracks and chair lift