177 - 16th July 2006 - Tarawera, Opotiki

Going through the private logging forest on the way to Taranaki Falls

Tarawera River - Incredibly clear water

Bright blue sky - We had a beautiful day for it

Looking down river through the ferns


Walking through the forest with the sun streaking through the trees onto the rocks

Nice walk

Tarawera Falls - Tumbling out of the rock face

The water goes underground upstream and finds its way through the volcanic rocks

The bottom of the falls

Walking up to the point where the river goes underground - Beautiful view

Crystal Clear waters

More crystal clear waters

This is the point where the water goes underground

Light streaming through the trees

Us near the falls on our way back to the car park


and down

Lake Tarawera - Beautiful

The crystal clear waters of the lake - Lots of crystal clear water around here isn't there!

The view across the lake

We stayed here quite a while

We drove along an old railway track at one point on the way to the next campsite

Near Opotiki


Along the coast