178 - 17th July 2006 - Opotiki, East Cape, Gisborne

This chap was hanging onto a railing by the back of our campervan in the morning

Arty shot

Opotiki Holiday Park

On the way to the East Cape

Nice scenery

Some of the most beautiful bays in New Zealand are on this stretch of coast - according to our guide book

Little fort construction on the beach - I have no idea what it was for. Someone may have lived there.

Church by the sea

The east cape lighthouse - I had to climb 880 steps to get up here

This island is just off the east cape

East Cape lighthouse

The door to the lighthouse.

The view along the coast

View off the cape

Looking south along the coast

Walking back down, looking over the fields

New Zealand lambs

Cute aren't they!

Fluffy sheep

The road back to the town

It's been raining a lot here lately!