180 - 19th July 2006 - Napier Art Deco Walking Tour

The campsite in Napier

This is called a jumping pillow - it's like a huge trampoline for the kids

Napier suffered a huge earthquake in the 30s

It was rebuilt in the style of the time - Art Deco

Many of the facades remain

So Napier is one of the best examples of Art Deco in the world

So most of these captions will be 'Art Deco Building' or similar

This is the theatre

Inside the theater


The public trust office

The little ring on the corner used to support the streetlights

Art Deco

More Art Deco

Tennyson Chambers

The Daily Telegraph building


Art Deco Designs

The old maritime building


Ice Cream Monster

We went on a self guided Art Deco walk

It took a long time and it was a bit rainy that day

More Art Deco

This fountain lights up with colour at night

Close up

This lawn was laid on top of the rubble from the old buildings that collapsed in the earthquake

Even the paving slabs are in Art Deco designs

Nice designs on the sea walk


Zig Zags

The old Oden building

More design

Art Deco galore

Loo Kees

More Art Deco

The main square

National Tobacco Company