189 - 28th July 2006 - Kaikoura

Not a bad view to wake up to!

Kaikoura Top 10 Campsite - A very nice place to stay

Our boat for the Whale Watching - Te Ao Marama

Bird flying close to the water

Our first whale sighting

Thar she blows!

His name is Tomo

Bye bye Tomo!

Last sighting of the first whale

Dolphin number 1

out of 3 or 4 hundred!!!!

Playing near the boat

Synchronised dolpining


The return of Tomo - back up from the depths for a few breaths of air

Tomo taking a breath

Back off to the depths

Dipping below the waves

Slipping silently under

A second whale makes an appearance

Not bad scenery is it?

Sparkling water


Heading back to land

Beach and mountains within a few miles of each other - Kaikoura is very, very, pretty

Obligitory arty shot

You'd think it was a joke...

...but this is the speed bump

On the rocks

The cliff side walkway

Very thick seaweed

The view from the top of the cliffs

Bigger view

Fur seal lazing in the sun


Seals playing in a rock pool on the way to Picton

waves splashing over the rocks

Fire in 'The Store'

The garden at 'The Store'

The terrace