192 - 31st July 2006 - Pupu Springs, Wainui Falls

Pohara campsite

the view from the cabin

Te Waikoropupu Springs

the clearest springs in the world

they were really very clear

and very pretty

you could see straight in the water

the view was quite amazing

this is in the water, a mirror was used so you could see under the water

the spring bubbling

the walk through the forest was quite nice

the river leading into the spring

the walkway was straight through the forest and river

the view from our lunch spot outside wainui

the sign to the falls

the river leading up to the falls

the bridge across to the falls, only one person allowed at a time

Chris on the bridge

the Wainui Falls

the rocks by the falls

and a mini waterfalls also feed the river

the Wainui Falls

in full flow

the river

the river taken from the bridge

there were mini waterfalls along the river

close up

abel tasman road from Pohara to Wainui

bridge cut straight through the rocks

there were some large overhanging rocks on the road

on the way to Wainui

the view

driving back to Richmond