196 - 4th August 2006 - Franz Joseph Glacier

About to go on our Helihike!

The view from the helicopter

The Franz Josef Glacier

Big isn't it!

Nice New Zealand Scenery

Towards the top of the glacier

Cracked ice below

and we're about to go for a walk on it


The top of the glacier

Glaciers are made from hundreds of years worth of packed snow that has turned into ice

The Franz Josef Glacier is about 300 metres deep

Ice ridges

More ice ridges

Pip on the Glacier

The rest of the group arrive in helicopter number 2

Bright blue skies

The last heli comes in to land

Ice cave

Formed by a compression arch where two streams of ice collide

Chris with his ice axe

Ready for a stroll?

A crevasse - not a good place to go walking

Our guide - Gabe

Just hanging about on the ice





I'm running out of caption ideas

More Ice, More Mountains

Rolling fields of ice

More Ice

and more

Gabe explaining some lesser known point about glaciers

Ice pool

Towers of Ice

More ice

Yet more ice

There's not a lot more to say about glaciers except more ice

But it is very pretty and dramatic though

Gabe described it like a mars bar being bent - the chocolate cracks

and that's sort of what happens on a glacier

Mountains of ice


Chris on the Glacier

still there

The glacier is unique because it starts in the mountains and end in a rainforest

Pip on the Glacier


Chris on the way back to the town

It's only a few hundred meters above sea level

Arriving back in town

Fountain on the way to the Glacier Terminal

The Glacier Terminal

Warning - Disco dancers should avoid falling rocks


Chris and a waterfall

The glacial ice melts and forms this river

The river again

Chris and Pip and the Franz Josef Glacier

Pink sky