197 - 5th August 2006 - Lake Matheson, Fox Glacier

Not a bad view to wake up to

The Southern Alps

The path to Lake Matheson

Goes through the woods

There's the lake

and this is the reward for the 20 minute walk

Ducks on the water

One of those peaks is Mount Cook, but I'm not sure which

Chris and Pip at Lake Matheson

Pip at Lake Matheson


The 'View of Views' - Technically out of bounds, but no one was looking

Lake Matheson

More Lake Matheson

Ducks again

Chris at Lake Matheson

Perfect mirror lake

Ducks disturb the mountains reflections

The tannin coloured river

Near the Fox Glacier

It's tough to describe just how huge these cliffs are

The Fox Glacier - About 20km from the Franz Josef

Geology in progress - This huge boulder has rolled down the hill and torn all the trees out of the ground

The terminal of the Fox Glacier

the terminal of the glacier

you can see how the ice is moving over the rocks here, at the moment it is advancing but less than 10 years ago it was retreating

it used to cover the whole of this valley, in about 1750

this is where the glacier is feeding the river, they are all melting

into this. You can tell why they chose to film Lord of the Rings here in New Zealand

it's so mucky because of all the rocks underneath and it's moving quite a lot

Chris by the terminal of the Fox Glacier

both of us

the moon was out as well

the glacier is moving about 1m every 24hours

to get to the terminal the path crossed a couple of streams, so we were balancing on the rocks to get across

quite dramatic scenery

Lake wanaka

Lake Hawae

Lake Hawae again, we thought it was mist, but there were about a dozen forest fires just around the corner