199 - 8th August 2006 - Milford Sound

Heading towards Milford

The road into the mountains

The entrance to the Homer Tunnel - It's like driving down a giants throat

But this is where you burst back out into the sunlight

Our Mitre Peak cruise ship

The mountain after which the cruise line is named - the Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak

Looking back towards the 'town' - for want of a better word

Pip and Chris in Milford Sound

Jagged cliff edges and the different colours are different elements in the rocks

Fur Seals sat on the rocks

Spot the Fur Seals

Water tumbling over the cliff tops

Looking back towards the Sounds

Looking towards the Tasman sea

The little white splodge near the top left is the lighthouse at the end of the sound

Inside the boat

Sharp shadows

One of three major waterfalls

Chris, bad hair, and a waterfall

On the way back to the town

Bowen waterfall

The last waterfall - there used to be a walkway to it but it washed away

The Chasm

Water pours through the rocks creating these strange structures

River leading to the Chasm

Looking across to the peak

Looking back down the valley

This cliff is where the Homer Tunnel starts


Avalanches by the side of the road

Waterfall by the side of the road

The river

Lake by the road

Mirror pool