201 - 10th August 2006 - Bluff, The Catlins Coast

The end of the road - The view from the end of the SH-1

The signpost in Bluff - 18958km home!

Chris and the post

The view from Bluff hilltop

The viewpoint


The car was totally surrounded - this is what can happen on the back roads of New Zealand

The Catlins Coast is a beautiful area of NZ

Slope Point - The actual southern-most point of the main two islands of NZ

Pretty fierce waves coming across from Antartica

Chris at Slope Point

Pip at Slope Point

The southern coast

Rocks at Slope Point

Nice waves Tautuku Beach

Pip at the wheel

Pukakanui Falls

Misty long exposure version

From the top of the falls

The view from Nugget Point

Sun setting behind the hill

Nugget Point

Looking down the coast

The beach where the yellow eyed penguins are found