202 - 11th August 2006 - Dunedin

Cadbury World New Zealand

The Cadbury Bunny

Cadbury Car

27 Varieties of Dairy Milk!

Crunchie Mountain


Dunedin Railway Station

It's a beautiful building

Lots of people were taking photos

One of the old ticket windows

The train off to the Takeri Gorge

The Cadbury Silo

Obligitory signpost at the Train Station

Robert Burns

Larnach Castle - The only castle in NZ

The tower

The view from the tower

The very top of the tower. Sadly photos were not allowed inside

The front lawn

Larnach Castle

Art on the lawn

Huge pigeon type bird in the garden


Larnach Castle from the side

Now THAT's a tree house

The view from the gardens


Duck on the fountain

Sun through the water

One of the bays on the Otago peninsula