215 - 25th August 2006 - Hobart, Port Arthur

Arty Solitaire Shot - This was at the B&B - It took us ages to solve (Pip solved it)

The dining table and view

Tawny at the Tasmanian Devil Animal Park

Part of the bird show - Falcon catching a piece of meat mid air

A member of staff talks about the bird

Tasmanian Devil snoozing, but keeping a good eye on us

His home

Just around the corner a group huddle together for warmth

Kangaroos in the park - We were allowed to walk amongst them


Port Arthur Historical Site - One of the most notorious prisons in the world at the time of it's peak

Heading out on a ferry to see the sights around the bay

This is what we saw

The prison Chapel - Each prisoner has their own booth so they cannot talk to others

The parsonage

Inside the church - The roof burnt off

It was never consecrated so that it could be used for several denominational services

It was built by young lads who were imprisoned here and trained as stonemasons

They quarried and shaped all the stone

The gardens

An old house

The church from outside