219 - 29th August 2006 - Great Ocean Road

On the great ocean road with not so great weather

Rock formation

Erskine Falls

There were about 300 steps to reach the bottom of the falls but the view was worth it

This one looks like a painting

View of the road from Teddy's Lookout

That little black blob in the middle is a Koala!

Just hanging around on the Grey River Road

Watching us from the safety of their branches

it's not a wildlife park

they are just in the trees, can you see both of them?

they were quite acrobatic


and liked eating

Chris named this one Jerry

so cute, related to the wombat did you know

the twelve apostles

from the viewpoint

in the other direction

Chris as number 13!

you can't go down to the beach, as penguins live there

the rocks are limestone

some are 65m tall