220 - 30th August 2006 - Great Ocean Road

the view from our cabin

the cabin

Port Campbell, the town is just to the left

Loch Ard Gorge

here is where the Loch Ard rig crashed

in 1878 when it was travelling from England to Melbourne

Only two of the 53 people survived

Loch! Chris is trying to loch 'ard!

big waves

lots of arches around Loch Ard Gorge

this one was called the thunder cave, and there were steps leading down to a viewing platform near the bottom


close up of the rock

the rig crashed just to the left of the rock

and the two survivors, Eva and Tom were washed up on this beach

another archway

view of the beach from further inland

not the survivors, but two other people!

cool waves

back at the twelve apostles, on the beach from Gibson's steps

no penguins here

just rocks and water and sand

which were very pretty

so Chris took lots of pictures