222 - 1st September 2006 - Melbourne, Ayers Rock

inside batman's hill

from the airplane

the wing

first glimpse of uluru

second glimpse


first glimpse of Kata Tjuta

the outback

driving to kata tjuta

walking the Valley of the Winds trail

pip at the first lookout, Karu

Chris at the lookout

the rock is sedimentary rock called conglomerate

it is a mix of gravel, pebbles and boulders cemented together by sand and mud

the path

more of the pathway

the rock is made up of basalt, granite and other minerals

The highest dome of Kata Tjuta is 546m above the plain

and 1066m above sea level

There are 36 steep sided domes

Kata Tjuta translates to mean 'many heads'

the view from the second lookout, Karingana

The walk was 5.5km return

the eastern end of Kata Tjuta, that you can see in the distance is sacred and out of bounds to tourists

Kata Tjuta is 32km west of Uluru

this tree was by one of the water tanks

we were returning from our walk as the sun was starting to set

obligatory arty shot

no dancing on the gravel

Wooden chair near Kata Tjuta

Our car - We got a free upgrade to a nice Mitsubishi!

The outback

Kata Tjuta in the wing mirror

Bye Bye Kata Tjuta

Heading towards Uluru

Uluru as the sun sets

It turns a very vivid red

The last rays of the sun on the top of Uluru

More sunset