223 - 2nd September 2006 - Ayers Rock

Before sunrise at Uluru

Chris at Sunrise

The rock turns a vivid red very quickly


Quite a lot of these captions may say 'Uluru' or 'Ayers Rock'


Bright Red Uluru

Brighter still

The crowd

Very bright red rock

Sun risen

Chris and Pip at Uluru


The outback

Our silhouettes at Uluru

Bright colour

It's still there

Close up

Cracks in the rock

We took lots of shots to show the changing colour


as demonstrated by Pip

Warning! Kangaroos!

Speed bump hat

Marks on the rock show where it has rained recently

Those tiny dots are people climbing up the rock

This is despite the local aboriginies asking people not to climb their sacred rock

A view from the south of the rock

The other end

Sorry these captions are so concise

The pictures probably say a lot more than these words do

Holes in the rocks

Our car - We got a free upgrade as there were no economy models left

There are actually a lot of canyons and things to explore around Uluru

Some areas are sacred and you can't take photos - This isn't one of them I should add

Curves in the rock

Holes in the rock

There are a lot of stories attached to the rocks - This one was burrowed out by a giant mole like creature



The aboriginies use the sap and some trees are marked with cuts

Cracks in the rock

Aboriginal cave paintings - Only about 100 years old but many of the stories have already been lost

The wave cave - The lady on the right was a park ranger who does free walks

The wave cave

These little caves are all around the edge of the rock

This area was worn away to crush grain

Inside one of the caves - They believe they were used as classrooms

The drawings on the wall are like an aboriginal blackboards

Along one of the canyons

Aboriginal art

Archway formed by fallen rocks

Close up of Uluru

It was very hot

The trees here are a little bare

There are two semi-permanant waterholes at the base of the rock

Heart shaped area worn out of the rock

More cave painting

The classic shot

From the sunset viewing point - You can see the layers of rock lined up

At Yulara - The Ayers Rock resort

The Visitors Centre

The pool at our hotel / lodge

The restaurant

Uluru from the viewpoint at the back of the hotel

Sunset behind Kata Tjuta