227 - 9th September 2006 - Tokyo

The plane we flew on to Tokyo was huuuuuuuge! A 747 I believe - we were in row 67 and business class was on the first floor!

In Akasaka - The area where we stayed

The lampposts all had little rickshaw things on

The gate of the Hie-Jinja shrine in Akasaka

No idea what this says

A line of torii gates that lead up the steps to the shrine itself

This is the reward for the climb

A wedding was taking place whilst we were there

The dress was very elegant

This bell is used to summon spirits when prayers are made

This in an ablution area at the entrance to the shrine. You clean both hands and your mouth to purify yourself.

Shrine through the trees

Tokyo by night. The Shinjuku district

Very tall clock near times square

More of Shinjuku