230 - 12th September 2006 - Tokyo

Our room at the Akasaka Sunroute

The Bathroom

Hi-Tech Toilet!

The Entrance to the Meiji Shrine area


The tor-ii gates - This pair are the biggest wooden set in Japan

The purification area

More tor-ii

Entering the main shrine area

Wooden building throughout

Door detail

Inside the main square

The Meiji Shrine

Chris in the rain

Beam details

Big drum! I think it's called a Taiko

Looking across the main shrine area

People offer prayers, and often a few yen of money, to the spirits here

The ends of the wood are all painted white - A nice effect I later learn is to help stop insects burrowing into the grain,

A little office area

Door detail

The main shrine

Each one of these wooden blocks has a prayer written on it

The blocks cost 500 yen each

and then you too can be rich, rich, rich!!!!

An empty courtyard

Charm stalls - 1000 yen will protect you from traffic for a year

Inside the Meiji Jingu Garden - This is the tea house

Huge fish come to see us by the lake

The lake - More of a big pond really

It's called the South Pond

Path through the garden

A spring in the gardens


Downtown Tokyo - The Ginza District

A bit like Picadilly Circus or Times Square

The Kabuki-Za theater


Downtown Ginza

The Shinkansen arrives and the cleaners line up for the fastest train turnaround you will ever see!