231 - 13th September 2006 - Kyoto

This is no ordinary door! This is a door in the old imperial palace!

The imperial family apparently loved the beach. They didn't live near the sea so they built this substitute in the grounds.

It was very rainy when we were there. Stick a ferris wheel on the bridge and this could be Brighton.

More of the Imperial 'Beach'

Immaculately raked gravel

Nice old style architecture - Heian Style (794-1185) according to my guidebook

Sliding paper door

Another garden area

The roof was built up of lots of layers of wood to improve insulation

The bright red colour was an idea borrowed from China

This is a citrus tree

The Shishin-den. The throne room

The princess was sat off to one side

This is a cherry tree

The whole building

More white ended wood to keep out the bugs

The Seiryo-den - The emperors residence

Nice roof

Detail of the designs

In the landscaped garden - Designed by Kobori Enshu

In the garden

Another paper door

Art work on the doors depict and old drinking game where you had to compose a haiku at high speed or drink sake

The bridge

Chris in the landscaped garden

Another art work

It was raining pretty hard

In the back streets of downtown Kyoto

The Pontocho district

The area was the former Geisha district before it moved to nearby Gion

Easy to get lost in these little alleys

Very quiet

The sun was setting and the laterns were being lit

But the neon sort of overpowered them

The kamo-gawa river

Someone had thrown a bike in there for some reason

Cool seafood restaurant decoration - It moved!

Mostly a photo for Al of Al and Yvette fame.