233 - 15th September 2006 - Kyoto, Nara

Outside our hotel windown - The Kyoto Conference Centre - Famous for the Kyoto Agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The enntrance way

Nice bright blue skies!

The Sanjusangen-do shrine

No photos were allowed inside - But there was an astonishing line of 1001 gold gilded Kannon statues

The bright red gates

Honen's Stone Monument - Build to commemorate the death of emperor Goshirakawa

Natural spring for ablutions

Through the red gate

Detailed dragon woodwork

A sneaky shot through an open window - just 20 or so of the 1000 statues

The giant torii gates at Heian-Jingu

A Kinki taxi to take you to a love hotel perhaps?

The front of the Heian shrine

In Nara - Our first night in a ryokan - Quilted matresses on the floor

A little tea set

Very nice it was too

The five storied pagoda

Reflecting in the night waters. Just after this was taken a strange man shook my hand with great glee and palmed me two bars of soap. I laughed for hours.