234 - 16th September 2006 - Nara

Kofuku-ji shrine

There are plenty of deer wandering around Nara

The Tokon-do and the pagoda

Deer in the street

The old woodwork of the gate to Todai-Ji

Those grumpy looking statues are back again

I really should find out their names

Lawns in front of the temple - Very different to other places we have seen

Looking through the incense at Todai Ji

Decorative latern

The giant buddha that the temple is largely famous for

Decoration on the wood beams

These are lifesize recreations of the lotus leaves that the buddha is sitting on

One of four assistants that sit around the main statue

The main statue is 15 meters tall. He's lost his head a few times due to earthquakes but always gets well patched up

Another grumpy fellow

Doing a bit of weight training - Tamon-ten (I took a photo of one of their names this time)

An example of a carved head

The small boy is climbing through a hole that runs through the pillar - Success reserves you a place in paradise

Most people seem to try it

This lad obviously wants to take his dad with him

Another one of buddha's friends

His eyes were painted on in a large ceremony in the year 752

He was very very impressive

This strange chap with the shower cap was outside - His name is Binzuru

Touching him and then touching an afflicted part of your own body is supposed to heal it

I have no idea who this guy is, but he's everywhere

Chris at Horyu-Ji

Another elaborate cleansing fountain

Close up of the dragon

Grumpy Chap photo number 128392

This one is a bit groovy though

The front of Horyu-Ji

In the gardens outside

Yet another five storied pagoda - This one was open to allow you to see the clay carvings inside. No photos allowed though.

Detailed dragon carvings


Detail on the lantern

The wind blowing at the cloths on the front of the main shrine

Out in the gardens again

This tree was very twisted but surviving

More dragons. They sure did like 'em

The octagonal Yume-Dono (Hall of dreams). Inside is a sacred image that is only revealed twice a year for short periods.

A bell tower

Back in Nara at our accomodation - Not easy to find when this sign is what you have to spot!

The front of the ryokan. Shoes off once inside please!!!