235 - 17th September 2006 - Koyasan

This was our beautiful room in Koya-san

We didn't expect a TV inside a monastery for some reason

We were staying in the Daien-In temple

Our Yukata - Japanese night clothes and free toothbrushes

The gardens

Immaculately maintained

Don't know what it says but it was on the wall above the door to the 'Chi' room where we would eat our meals

Nice doll in the room

Carrying a fan

and a flower

More of the gardens

The entrance way

Heading out for a walk around the town

A bell tower. Rung every few hours.

Leading up to the Garan, an area that is the focus of many temples

The Eastern side

The large cleansing area

Chris at the Garan


The Eastern Stupa


The eastern area

A line of stones

The giant Konpon Daito

Koya-Shiro, another bell rung at 4, 10, 18, 21 and 23 o'clock

Lantern and the stupa

Another side of the bell

Another of the main buildings

A storehouse for scriptures - Arakawa Kyozo

A sly little grin. We think he's trying to hide something. His pedestal was covered in money

Chris and the torii


Chris peeking around

Koya-san is the home of the Shingon sect of Buddhism

The Western Stupa

Shingon buddhists believe that enlightenment can occur within one lifetime

Many other sects believe it takes many lifetimes to achieve enlightenment

View from the west of town

The Dai-Mon gate. The traditional entrance to the town before the cable car was built to the north

This stone is a marker post on the old pilgrim trail that leads to the shrine of Kobo-Daishi

Temple entrance

Torii gates leading through to the kids playground

Side street

There were hundreds of statues around the town

Here's another

It doesn't really look like it in the photos but the road through the town was quite busy

Another temple entrance

Statue in the rain

The Daishikyokai - The centre of the Shingon sect presides over 5700 monasteries

Our beds for the night were prepared whilst we ate dinner - They look very fluffy

Pip with our dinner in the Chi room

Chris picking at the various types of food

and trying not to drop them all on the tatami matting

It did taste good though

An entirely vegetarian mean

Chris and the meal

Unidentified white stuff

Chris in the Yukata