238 - 20th September 2006 - Okayama

Bamboo styled paper door in our Youth Hostel room!

Our table

The hostel was in the Nagai stadium! When the football match was on we had a nice view of the spectators

Shinkansen! The bullet train.

This is inside

Japan Urban Sprawl

Fountain at the station at Okayama

The footpath to the gardens of Korakuen

It is one of the top three gardens in Japan


Tea house

Stepping Stones

It's rare in Japan to have so much green space which is why it is well regarded

There's woody bits

Shriney bits


Green of course

and lots of big wide open spaces

Founded in 1686 by Lord Ikeda Tsunamasa

There are some watery bits too!

It's very picturesque

There are some nice shady areas to sit in

and lots of fish that come and see you

as well as this chap

a turtle I named Terence

Big stone tablet

Water wheel

More grass - The lawns are raised so that the paths are not visible - giving the effect that the green is continous - very clever!

Lots of little rivers run through

and there are islands

The red umbrella is a recently married couple having their photos taken in the wonderful surroundings

The garden from the top of a man made hill - It would make a great gold course here!

Probably very tough though

Trees are just starting to blossom

Stepping Stones

The path up the man made hill

I think the carpenter was drunk when he did this.