Trolley Bus Tour Highlights

Crab Sculpture outside Vancouver Museum

Dennis - Our tour guide for the day

The entrance to Granville Island

The marina at Granville Island

The Public Market

The Food Hall

Granville Island Buskers - This guy was REALLY good.

The square where he was playing

Graville Road Bridge

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden

The garden was the first authetic Chinese garden outside China

Chinese Garden

Chris and a Bonsai

All materials were imported from China

The whole garden was handbuilt

A Garden Duck

A pagoda through one of the decorative windows

A pagoda through a willow tree

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Chris and a friendly Duck

All wood joints are man made. There is no glue or nails anywhere.

The view through the Earth (Square) Gate

The view through the Heaven (Round) Gate

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Fish in the pond

The Scholars Hall

The Scholars Courtyard

The statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen outside the park.

A view from the park into the garden.

The Chinatown Gate