Capilano Suspension Bridge

Story pole carving

Story poles

The suspension bridge

Staff were in costume entertaining the guests with appropriate songs such as "Bring me sunshine"

Capilano river

The wet weather meant that the river below was more interesting

Capilano Canyon, 230 feet below the bridge

The way forward, no going back now

Treetops adventure

A happy Ewok despite the rain

Treetops adventure


The panorama from the viewing bridge

The trees were very tall

Flowing river

Can't be too scared of heights here

Who knew Ewoks wore pac-a-macs?

The waterfalls were even better due to the rain

137m long

An immense undertaking, the first bridge was made of hemp rope, attached one side and then two brothers climbed down, collected the ends and then climbed up the other side to secure it

Warming fire in the restaurant where we had lunch and dried off

The view of downtown Vancouver from the Seabus. Apparently each of the ten sail tips represents one of the provinces

Vancouver skyline