Edmonton, Winnepeg, VIA Rail, and Churchill

Edmonton by night, all we got to see of it

The way ahead

Polar Bears supporting an inuksut sculpture outside the station, Winnipeg

"Polar Bears on Broadway" sculptures in Winnipeg

Heading north toward Churchill

The stunning sunrise over Manitoba

The desolate landscape

A half frozen lake near Churchill

The kind tour group who adopted us for the day

Val, our driver for the afternoon

Sun glinting against the lake (as we drove through it)

And here's the view from the front window

Our first glimpse of a Polar Bear, laid out on the 'tundra'

Close up darling, pose for the camera

Just wandering

We're sure he could smell the soup

So he came over to investigate

And have a quick look at what we were up to

But we're not allowed to feed them

The second bear from afar, camouflaged against the rocks

Just wandering as well

Checking the competition

The first bear is just visible by the right hand side of the water.

All is safe

Or is it?

Yes. He comes closer to investigate us too

And digs around for food in the mud

He soon tires of us though

We were expecting snow. It was unusually warm apparently.

The sunset was almost as gorgeous as the sunrise

The 'Tundra Buggy' that escorted us around the landscape

And the schoolbus that took us to the buggy with a glimpse of the chap whose 84th Birthday it was.

The shipwreck of the 'Ithaca' in Hudson Bay. Stranded in 1962.

The end of a wonderful day