Churchill - Winnepeg - Toronto

We Fly to Canada and still can't escape some of our friends!

But it turns out to be a bit of a drab town

No further comment necessary

These are the seats you get in Coach class on VIA Rail

Chris' bed on Coach class, as described in the diary

Coach class seat a la chaise longue

The couple from Manitoba taught us this ingenious way of extending for an even better bed

and finally your normal foot rest for those not so adventurous

Manitoba sunset

Red sky at night...our delight!

Made of cheese?

Dauphin, Manitoba

Hay bales as far as the eye can see

Lots of hay bales piled together

There are 250 000 named lakes in Ontario
we named this one Fred


Map of the route Winnepeg to Toronto - it took 32 hours by train a distance of 1900 km

Beaver dams on some of the lakes

Pebbles lake

Bam bam lake

Pretty coloured trees

Toronto by night

and yay after seven days and six nights in yonder wilderness they didst happen upon a sight to be beholden