The fireplace at the B&B

The gates of the University of Toronto

Amazing architecture

The Rogers Centre

Canadian stick men logos are always that bit more descriptive than their UK counterparts. This one appears to be actually on fire.

The banners of the states of Canada inside the bottom of the CN Tower

Toronto from the observation point at the CN Tower

Toronto, looking North

Toronto, looking North-West. Our hostel is in there somewhere.

Toronto looking West

Toronto Islands, to the South of the Mainland

About 350 meters straight down

Looking through the glass floor

The clouds cast their patterns on the waves, all a bit etheral

The CN Tower from below

Old City Hall - The Clock Tower

Old City Hall

New City Hall

The tube map of Toronto, somewhat simpler than London and called "The Rocket"

Varsity Stadium

The BATA shoe museum featuring...

...Turkish bath shoes so you can be "Fashionable even in the absence of clothing"

...Torture Shoes (Actually they're for crushing chestnuts)

...Disco Roller Clogs!!!!!

...Shaquille O'Neils Size 20s

The museum was beautifully presented

Tie shoe, "an example of Louboutin's wit in design"

Kale, used out here for decorative purposes with purple insides and a faint green outline, not boiled as we English would

Eric Boushay, Piano Player for 'Swing Rosie'

The three singers

Marvin, the resident fish at our hostel 21 Wales Avenue, Toronto