The Biodome, formerly the Olympic cycling arena

Capybara, they live near water in tropical environments. We've never heard of them

The orange blob is a Golden Lion Tamarin

Piranha tank


Poison Arrow Frogs

More frogs

Behind the waterfalls

Cabrico Monkeys

Hyacinth Macaws

Not sure of the name, but pretty yellow birds

Caiman lurking in the water

Tortoise? Turtle? Terrapin? One must be right

There's a fur ball in the middle of this photo, it's a sloth

An otter sleeping behind the glass

Porcupine, I had no idea they could climb trees


Man cleaning the pool out

Underwater shot

The rock pool

The polar zone

Birds on the 'cliffs'


The entrance to the Chinese garden at the botanical gardens

Chinese garden

Chinese garden with the Biodome in the background

Japanese garden


A piano player


An amazing peacock


The Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

The botanical gardens