Place d'Armes

View over St Lawrence river

Parc Montmorency


Fine example of 18th Century architecture

The wall

Old Quebec is nestled on top of a larger cliff

Bow of ship statue to signify world hunger and famine at the Place de la FAO

Place de Paris, Monument signifies where the dock used to be and all of the buildings around have been restored to what they were like in the 1800s

Place Royale

Street entertainment in the form of glasses with water in them, not sure of the correct term. He was playing What a wonderful world, when we went by.

Chris' cannon

Maison Chevalier with the Chateau above next to Rue du Cul-de-Sac

The side of the house was painted and a fantastic garden at the bottom of the Rue du Petit Champlain

Rue du Petit Champlain, the oldest shopping street in the world

More street entertainment in the form of a harpist, although he just seemed to be tuning it as we walked past

View to Levis, the place not the company

View from the Funiculaire

more views

The boardwalk

Local wildlife

Floating hand statue carrying a feather

outdoor ice skating

The walls


Porte St Louis

View from the top of the wall

Chateau Frontenac

View from by the Citadel

St Lawrence river view

View from Promenade des Governeurs

Battlefield Park

Statue of Saint Joan of Arc

with back lighting


WW1 german artillery gun Chris found lying in the park


D'art moderne dans le Parc du Bois de Coulonge



Mont Champ statue

Tourist information building & Manege militaire

Houses of Parliament