Washington DC

View to the Capitol Building

The White House from the South

The Washington Monument

The Treasury

The Capitol Building

Washington Monument from near the Jefferson Monument

Leaves on the Water

Thomas Jefferson in Profile

Up Close. The Writing on the far wall are his famous lines from the constitution - "We hold these truths to be self evident - that all men are created equal"

The Washington Monument

Roosevelt Memorial

Statue of Roosevelt and his stern looking dog

A work of art designed for blind people with faces in relief and Braille markings.

Waterfalls at the FDR Memorial

Hiding in the shadows

Remembering the depression

The reflecting pool

The Lincoln Memorial - Undergoing Renovations

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was shot

View from the National Cathedral

The gardens below

And the view across to downtown

Lone plane in the sky

Inside the tower

Cathedral from the tower

View to the central tower

Flying buttresses

Fiery stained glass

Hi tech sermons

More stained glass

The moon window - Built with rocks brought back from the moon

National Cathedral

National Cathedral

National Cathedral

Dancing guy in Hard Rock Café - 'Paaaartyy!'

The Kennedy Centre Millennium Stage - Free shows every day

Kennedy Centre

Bronze bust of JFK

The hall of nations

The roof terrace