Spring Lake and on the road to New York

New York

Flowers by the New York City Library
Christmas comes early to New York Dioramas in the shop windows
The Empire State building looking up... ...and down
Towards the Brooklyn Bridge Boat on the river
New York city streets Looking West
Manhattan. Tall isn't it? Santa Express at Macy's
The Twin Towers used to stand here Clinton Castle in Battery Park, Basically the ticket booth.
Skyline from Battery Park Pigeons and Sparrows getting in a flap about something
Sparrow silhouette More Skyline
From the ferry View from the Liberty Island ferry
Liberty White water
Seagulls followed the ferry Chris near Liberty Island
Pip near Liberty Island. As you may have spotted, it was a very cold day Nearly there....
Nearly there.... Going to Ellis Island
The view from Ellis Island The registration room
Liberty from Ellis Island A cold Cottam against the skyline
Sunset Manhattan by night
Subway entertainment Grand Central Station
Chandeliers The Concourse
The Rockerfeller Centre complete with Ice Rink
Times Square Times Square