Black Hills

The Black Hills (they should rename them the black and white hills really) Look! Somebody has been doing graffiti on the rock
Mount Rushmore Chris by a real life Christmas tree
Mount Rushmore and the avenue of flags Chris by Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore George W, Thomas J, Franklin D R, Abraham L
Chris C the viewing platform is just under a mile from the carving
but we have a good zoom on the camera! Pip C
The Presidential Trail is closed The snow was too powdery for making snowballs, but we had a good go.
Deer Deer
Profile point George W
Horsethief Lake Crazy Horse
This is the mini version and they are carving the big version into the rock behind
The head alone took 50 years to carve, as it is a lot bigger than Mount Rushmore and is carved in the round The whole of Mount Rushmore could fit into the head of Crazy Horse, as it is 87.5 ft high
The Korczak cat he was in the artist studio area of the complex
"Fighting Stallions" Bedrock Park
The moon and venus