Yellowstone National Park - Day 2

The splendid view from our balcony The boiling river...
...complete with mini ice floes Bull moose
Concentrating on food Spectacular scenery
Burn trees made the landscape resemble modern art Bison buddies
Winter in Yellowstone Frozen river
A wonderful winter world Bison wander freely in the park
Little river Soda Butte rock
Amazing mountains The North-East entrance by Cooke City
Cooke City Cooke City
Huge snowdrift More amazing scenery
A good way to measure snow depth - look at a picnic bench Herman the hungry bison
River Deer and Coyote
Coyote Bison taking a well deserved rest in temperatures as low as -27 degrees C
Deer grazing Amazing sky
Bull Moose More Moose Meandering
Looking down into the valley One last look at the hot springs