Death Valley National Park

The Salt Plains on the way to Death Valley Amazing Landscape
The Long Unwinding Road Close up of the landscape
The Sand Dunes Looking out from the Golden Canyon
View  from the road The Gold Canyon
The Gold Canyon The Gold Canyon
The Gold Canyon Exploring the Gold Canyon
Ooooh look! Another Rock! Geology Layers
Pip at the Golden Canyon Exploring the rocks
Looking back over the salt plains The Natural Bridge
Looking back down the canyon Pip at the Natural Bridge
Back down the valley Chris at the Natural Bridge
Walking back to the car Pip in the bright sun
The lowest point in the Western Hemisphere The basin itself. Home to a unique kind of snail.
They're in there somewhere Salt deposits
Local Wildlife Plane
Chris at Badwater Basin Pip at Badwater Basin
Chris and Pip at Badwater Close up salt crystals on the ground
There's a tiny green sign halfway up this hill. That's sea level Unique Landscape.