Hoover Dam, Flagstaff

Nearing the Hoover Dam The Dam itself - Don't worry - the pylons are supposed to be at that angle
Universal Guardians Hoover dam
pylons across the dam the dam building was started in 1931
It's a long way down very long
Arizona time at 3.05pm on one side of the dam the arizona side
water behind the dam Chris between states, on the right is arizona and on the left, nevada
the line goes straight through the middle Nevada time 2.10pm, a whole time zone different
the dam was completed in 1935, under budget and 2 years early Rappeling man
More wonky pylons Nice church in Flagstaff
Flagstaff On the road again
The first Saguaro cactus we saw Sunset over Arizona
Gecko - one of the many decorated bridges in the area The mountain at Phoenix
The funfair at Phoenix