Tombstone, Texas

A decorated bridge Tours of tombstone by stagecoach
The court house Allen street - the main road in Tombstone
The OK corral - Animatronic people standing roughly where the gunfight started The recreation of the gunfight
The OK Corral theatre A quick pre show setup
And the show begins Comedy skit first of all
Sizing each other up "BANG! You're dead"
The Clanton clan Wyatt Earp and Family with Doc Holliday
It's all over. A good fun show The recreation jail
Back on Allen street The boardwalk
The Bird Cage Theatre - the only original building left Allen street
Inside the Birdcage The 'Birdcages' above the main floor
An Edison Phonograph An original Faro table - Doc Holliday played here
An original grand piano Bullet holes still in the wood
A Black Mariah hearse - valued at over $1 million The poker table downstairs - One game lasted ten years
Wooden street signs The boot hill graves of the Clanton family
Boot Hill Chris and a swinging door - Special animated shot!