San Antonio, Texas

Decorated Bridge The entrance to the Alamo
The surviving chapel A nearby hotel - I just liked the tower
Coy carp in the Alamo Flags at the Alamo
The courtyard - the old livestock pen The Alamo
A huge tree in the grounds of the Alamo We haven't had a squirrel for a while
The tree in its entirety Outside the Alamo, Alamo Plaza
Water Feature Water Feature
Leading to the River Walk - Opposite is Casa Rio where we had lunch. River Walk Bridge
The Spanish Village Aligned Arches
The River Walk Spiral floral arrangement
Nice tree Close up of the flowers
Fountain by the cathedral Inside the cathedral
The front of the Cathedral It is the oldest cathedral in America - Pope John Paul II visited it
Candlestick in the Spanish Governors Mansion Bed
Old gaming table The garden with fountain
Real Banana tree - Brought here from San Antonios sister city of Santa Cruz on Tenerife The dining room
Market Square Nice architecture
More architecture The bell above the square
This chap was standing outside a mexican restaurant. Colourful bunting type things
An original German settlers dwelling - Lived in by the writer O.Henry who, whilst in prison, memorised the entire dictionary. The house is run by people on probation and Henry's story is used as an example of how they can improve themselves. The court house
Chris by the River Walk The riverside theatre
The riverside theatre A bit of street art