Houston - NASA

This stands outside the Johnson Space Centre This car was once owned by an astronaut. They tended to get given nice cars as promotional gimmicks
Nice scenery outside the centre This building houses Historic Mission Control
From this room over 100 missions into space were controlled One of which was the historic Apollo 11 mission that put men on the moon
In this room the first words from space were relayed to the world. They're very proud of the fact that the first word was "Houston" Our tour tram
They use Liquid Nitrogen to simulate the extreme cold of space when testing equipment. One building houses life sized versions of space station modules for training purposes
The MIR Space Station on Earth Doesn't look like much, but the black area at the back simulates weightlessness using a system similar to an air hockey table
Training Space Suits Full size model of the space shuttle
Chris at the space centre The back end of the shuttle
This arm is used for training with the arm on the space shuttle. They fill boxes with helium balloons until they are effectively weightless. Building 31. Again it doesn't look like much but it houses the largest collection of moon rocks in the world. Kept in a controlled environment.
The shrine to the astronauts who have lost their lives during any missions here Rocket Park
Models of the original rockets Pip at Rocket Park
The MR7 Chris by the model engines
Chris at Rocket Park We felt we had to take a photo of the moon
Snoopy overseeing the dining area An example of living quarters on the space station. I was a bit freaked out that they have to tie their head down when sleeping to stop the head bobbing about from the pressure in your arteries. Yuck.
The kitchen area A model of inside the space shuttle
A model of the space station as it will look in 2010 This suit has actually been to the moon and has moon dust on the legs
A model of the original splashdown module Another model
A diorama of the moon landing Moon rocks
It's nice to know that NASA spend their money on worthwhile calculations. McDonalds will be overjoyed. The outside of the Space Centre
A shot from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. There were millions of them! Back on the road