Louisiana - Houmas House - New Orleans

Beaux Bridge in Louisiana The swamplands
"The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National Guitar" Plantation River Road House - with Gorilla
Plantation River Road House Plantation
Houmas House Gardens Swans
Dragonfly shaped flower beds The fountain
Statue between the trees Dragonfly themed seats
Doorway into the tree in the Secret Garden The tree has a face!
Houmas House looked at through the Avenue of Trees Colourful flowers
The tree was so large it formed an arch over the path Houmas House from the side
Lion Statue Wind sculpture
Chris in the gardens The restaurant at the back
Houmas House through the trees This tree is around 400 years old
This one is 500 years old. It's name is George (Seriously - It's the official name for it) The Garconerie
The old bell The fountain in the back yard
Archways The Gardens
Houmas House Dragonfly Flowerbeds
The skyline of New Orleans Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Statues of some of the New Orleans greats New Orleans Architecture