Biloxi and On the Road

Our view from the Hotel in Biloxi We took all these photos to show some of the damage Hurricane Katrina did
The news only really showed the flood damage to New Orleans This place is further down the coast and got hit much harder
An old pair of gates with a bent flag Torn palm tree
The beautiful beach at Biloxi Some of the damage was incredible
The cleanup and rebuild will probably take years More Hurricane damage
Some buildings survived better than others The trees survived better than the buildings
This one was particularly hard hit Unbelievable damage
More of the same It gives you a new respect for nature
Former Luxury Condominiums Some building are now reduced to shells
The old garage Work in progress to fix it up
The Best Western. Amazingly still open. This is where we stayed for the night. Once we were back on the road we saw this battleship to one side
Shining water The Visitors Centre in Florida
Florida Florida
Pensacola, Florida Pensacola, Florida
Pensacola, Florida